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Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Wall Surgery
Personalised Surgical Care

English & Portuguese Speakers 

Consulting in the UK & Portugal

We can arrange for your treatment in either location, regardless of your nationality


The Process

The service will be provide in the UK and/or in Portugal - see Surgery Abroad

Any operation is complimented with a follow up appointment which can be provided in either country to suit you.

If the operation is in Portugal you can enjoy your sick leave in a friendly and warmer environment. Mr Damas will be there for your surgery and discharge. Your follow up will usually also be in Portugal approximately 1 week after surgery or it can be arranged in the UK if you prefer.

The first point of contact is one of Mr Damas' Secretaries via phone at your preferred location or by completing the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can also provide a Consultant led Virtual Clinic, where you can discuss your concerns with Mr. Damas.


The fees are always in accordance with Insurance Company guidelines.

You should always check your policy or contact the Insurance Company as there may be an excess to pay following the first consultation.

If you are self-funding we can provide you with a "fixed price" quote for the investigation or treatment.

It is always helpful if you a referral letter from your GP.


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